The CES 2017 is now over! It was a little bit like Christmas (again) for us. Most of the technologies that were presented this year had something to do with robots. We loved it! Did you follow it?

In case you didn't, we made you a little recap about the technologies that got our attention. They all can be used in an event context.

Heasy (Hease Robotics)

A robot that we know very well (since it was made by Evotion's founder). It is our favorite. Heasy has a unique and facetious personality. This robot was conceived with the most natural interaction process. It is also able to find and go by itself to the most suitable space and interact. Heasy is the world-first robot designed for the retail industry and hospitality services.

Lego Boost

Lego Boost is a robot toy kit. Basically you use legos to make your own robot. The kit is composed of Vernie, a 30cm Robot and its cat, Frankie. You will also find a guitare and a car. Once you've put all the pieces of lego together, you will need to program the robots. But rest assured, it is simple. The programmation process is made of an app (on a cellphone or tablet). You only have to drag and drop some elements (our engineer team was impressed).

Zipo, take control of a robot with your hand

This is OUR CES crush. Ziro is composed of three parts: a robotic module, a control glove and an phone app. The three of them have to be used all together. First, you need to caliber the robotic module and the glove to the app. That way you can define the mouvements of your hand to make the robot move. It is very "Star wars"-like and looks a lot like our new animation neuro-commanded drone. We love it.

Kuri, a robot designed for families

This little home assistant will guard your home. It is designed with a HD camera that can take pictures and tape your house while you're away. When Kuri doesn't protect your house, it interacts directly with you. Oh and, this robot can also play music.

LG Hub Robot, cute and useful!

Just like Kuri, the LG Hub Robot is a robotic assistant designed for your house. The robot is made to work with all kind of smart objects in your house (including the air conditioning). Event it might not be the most innovative technology of the year but we can definitely imagine it on a event.

LoveBox, listen to your heart (box)

This smart object is one of the trendiest of the year. We already met the team of LoveBox and fall in love with their product. The LoveBox enables you to send love messages to your soulmate. It is linked to an app that you use to send messages. Once the message is received, the heart of the box moves. You just need to read the content of your message and reply. It's awesome!