Who we are?

When he is not behind his turntables, he is the one listening, understanding your needs and giving you the adequate offer that will fit your expectations. If you are lucky, maybe you will hear a tiny melody, right there in the phone.

Overqualified, amazing football players in their lonely hours, we can’t really choose which one of them will assist you in your project realization. No wonder why they have became shi-fu-mi experts ... (please don’t say a word about it).

Create, create, create, it is his motto. What does he do for a living ? He turns technological language into a graphic one. In other words, he draws everywhere, except on that unsatisfactory- designed website page.

Our McGuyver, who is more likely to be found seated at his desk rather than holding a wrench (or any other tool). Truth be told, his strong suit is his endless love for robots (awkward isn’t it?)

Théophile, THE conductor of this happy troop, THE supreme controller of well-done work, THE ultimate advocate of those delicious rice cakes, forever unsatisfied to be satisfied of his team. To sum up, our General Dictat.... Oops ... our General Director.