After two years and more than 200 performances, EVOTION has become the leader in the field event management and technological animations.

The company is specialized in the creation of innovative interaction : butler robots, and breathtaking based-on virtual reality animations. Today, we open the Evotion’s Studio. This entity and its expertise is dedicated to firms, communication agencies and institutions. We work with you in the realization of innovative screen-written animations by using new technologies.

We already created and realized two large productions.

We Love Robot

We Love Robot is a true robots’ village. It is thought to make people discover what robotic is by putting in motion different animations. 25 robots need to be mobilized. It is a playful and educational event:

Get to know funny butler robots 

What’s the best way to break the ice and make your visitors be at ease ? Well, make them directly talk to a robot. They are funny, talkative and can have interesting conversation. For every We Love Robot we make, we have a robot to welcome them.

Enter a jungle of baby dinosaurs 

By using our Pleos, we set up a real jungle that will make laugh the youngest of your visitors. It’s a pleasure for both parents and kids.

Be drawn by Sketch Arm 

Sketch Arm is the perfect animation for a family event. It is a real artist that can realize robotically precise portrait. It is fun and a good way to promote your event. Indeed the robot will sign with the name of your company (or your logo).

Travel and play through VR games 

We use cardboards and VR apps to make your visitors have a little journey. They just need to sit on a chair, the magic will operate by itself. We offer them to play various games or watch 360° movies.

Dare your friends in a robot race 

What’s better than playing together ? We offer a robot race that people can use to dare friends or relatives.

What’s next ? 

We aim at expanding our creativity and create new animations every time we produce a We Love Robot.


Exploria is one of our last production. The story is set in the future. The visitors were able to discover the technology of “tomorrow” by participating in a few games/animations:

Be the robot 

What if you could control a robot by your gesture, or even your mind ? We make that possible. We set up a whole futuristic scene where people can control drones by using their mind (no we are not joking) and can control robot by only using their hands.

Loose yourself in a new kind of maze

We invented a new way of losing oneself in a labyrinth. Thanks to new technologies, this new kind of maze will make visitors’ 5 senses completely useless. The principle is easy : put a helmet and try to find the exit by seeing yourself from above.

Become the Hero of the day 

With augmented reality technologies, everything can be possible. What if I tell you that you could throw fire balls and protect yourself with virtual barriers ? We can make this possible. By using cardboard-like helmets, you would see yourself and your opponents as they are but in a entire new reality.

Have a break in a pub controlled by robots 

Our robotic bar will serve you new cocktails. This is a truly astonishing experience. We usually also put in place Robotic Dance Show which makes it even more spectacular.

We will set up many more productions in the next few months, please stay in touch by visiting our mini website. In the mean time, if you have needs for such an event, please contact us directly.