Welcome to the newest version of Evotion. Today we would like to introduce our english language version of the website.

In here you will be able to discover the different robots we can propose for your events.

In case you are new and you didn’t know the company before, here is a full summary of who we are and what we do.

Evotion is an innovative interactions designer, that has 2 core activities: robot rental for events, and  the organisation of innovation animation with new technologies. Our company offers a large catalogue of animations that engage the attention of the public with imaginative ways.

We assist our clients in the realization of their animations by using our skills and knowledge of new technologies and creativity.

Evotion organizes uncommon animations that are specially designed for our customers’ budget and context. Our interventions can fit a large range of events, for example we can program a reception robot, a fully automatic robotic bartender or plan an introduction to drone piloting.

In a nutshell, we offer your company innovative ways to gain visibility during events. Our robots possess the fine capacity of capturing the attention of your visitors. It has been this way for two years and we always had excellent results. A robot is still something new and people are now quite used to seeing one yet, when interacting with a public, it cannot go unnoticed.

We invite you to check the different animations we can offer.

For any questions, please contact us, our services give their best to answer your needs as fast as light speed.